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How to Play Live Spread Bet Roulette

Live Spread Bet Roulette is a blend of Live Casino Roulette and digital online Roulette, giving players the chance to place bets on digital wheels with the opportunity to win up to 400x their bets.

Live Spread Bet Roulette – Basic Rules

Live Spread Bet Roulette follows the same basic rules as European Roulette. A wheel numbered 0 to 36 is spun and players may wager on any number or combination of numbers they wish. To learn more about how to play the game and the bets available on a Roulette table, please visit our Roulette Rules page.

However, in Live Spread Bet Roulette, there will be two results – one from the Live Roulette wheel (as per European Roulette) and one from a pair of digital wheels also numbered from 0 to 36. The sum of the two digital wheels is added together for the result. For example, if the digital wheels stop on 28 and 10, the result is 38.

Players have a short window in which to place their bets as the croupier spins the ball around the Live Roulette wheel.

Spread Bets

In addition to Live Roulette bets, Live Spread Bet Roulette allows players to bet on the sum of the two digital wheels. These bets cover a range of results and are paid according to the following table:

Spread BetOdds
0-1 400:1
2-11 15:1
12-18 10:1
19-33 2:1
34-54 1:1 (evens)
55-67 7:1
68-72 80:1

If the ball lands on zero on the Live Roulette wheel, all Spread Bets will pay out at 1:1 (evens) regardless of the result of the digital wheels.

The theoretical return to player for classic Single Zero Roulette bets is 97.30%. The minimum for Spread Bets is 93.06% and the maximum is 96.57%.

How to play Live Spread Bet Roulette

Live Spread Bet Roulette operates 24 hours a day and is available at a range of stakes. Please visit the Roulette Rules page for more information on how to play the game.

You can also play Live Spread Bet Roulette, as well as other Live Casino games, on your iOS or Android phone and tablet. See here to find out more.