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PokerStars Swap Hold’em

Swap Hold'em is a great twist on the world’s favorite poker game, Texas Hold’em. On their turn to act, at any point in the hand, any player may swap one or both of their hole cards for new ones, for free, once per hand.

Available exclusively at PokerStars, Swap Hold’em is easy to pick up and play for anyone who has played Texas Hold’em before, or even just watched it on TV.

The Rules of Swap Hold’em

Swap Hold’em plays identically to Texas Hold’em rules, but with one major difference: before any player has the option to fold, they are first given the chance to swap out one or both of their hole cards for new ones. Players can swap once per hand, at any point in the hand (either pre- or post-flop) unless they are all-in.

You’ll be able to see which players have swapped their cards – and if so, how many they swapped – by looking at the swap icon by each player’s avatar.

There’s no obligation to swap your cards if you don’t want to do so, but if you do you’ll be able to see the card(s) you swapped by hovering over your own swap icon.

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