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Our Guide to 3D Secure

3D Secure

What is 3D Secure?

3D secure is an industry-standard security mechanism that protects your credit card from unauthorised use, by using an additional password to ensure the user is the cardholder.

What does '3D Secure' stand for?

3D Secure stands for 'Three Domain Secure'. Visa calls their version 'Visa Secure' and Mastercard calls their version 'Mastercard ID Check'.

Do all deposits require 3D Secure authentication?

Not all transactions require additional 3D secure authentication. If this step is not required, you will be able to continue to deposit as normal.

How do I register for 3D Secure?

Registration is a one-off process which is completed by you on your card issuing bank’s website.

If you have not previously registered you will be asked to confirm your identity and then select a password which you will then use to authenticate each subsequent online transaction.

This information is securely transmitted between you and your bank; we do not have access to this information.

What happens when I make a deposit using 3D secure?

When you attempt a credit card deposit, we will determine if your bank is participating in the 3D secure scheme. If so, a browser window will open and you will be taken to their website where you will be asked to enter your 3D secure password. Once you confirm your 3D secure password, the deposit will be processed.

For further information please visit the Mastercard ID Check or Visa Secure information pages.